Skyline Brussels

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J'apprécie la diversité de ce paysage urbain de Bruxelles.
Bon WE et bises

Écrit par : Alex & Mimi | 18/04/2015

Je suis tres impresione de cette pays, mais je n'avais pas l'opportunite de visiter aucun de ces peisages.

Écrit par : Albert | 16/07/2015

Brussel est magnifique, mais n'est pas sufficient pour une excurssion dans ce pays. J'ai peur des vacances que ne reussit pas m'impressioner et pour cette raison je ne veux pas visiter plusieurs pays.

Écrit par : Angelique | 06/08/2015

Nice building in this picture, I may have seen it when I visited Brussel. I like your website because it provides to the public great images of differents buildings from awsome countries.

Écrit par : Raul | 07/08/2015

The weird thing about this particular picture is that the image is not showing us an impressive architecture, but the building has something special, for sure.

Écrit par : Claudette | 07/08/2015

Impressive buildings and great people in Brussels. Actually is one of that cities that I would hardly recommend to anyone that wants to visit something interesting behind thier national boards.

Écrit par : Noemy | 12/08/2015

This picture seems to me so interesting that maybe i would frame it because i have an empty space in my bedroom and i wish to fill it with something like this.

Écrit par : Nigel | 13/08/2015

This is an interesting picture from various points of view, starting with the landscape and the blue clear sky. I may say that this is a picture that embodies the beauty of Brusselles.

Écrit par : Florence | 28/08/2015

I must say that i don't actually see the point in this picture. Maybe it is to static for may tastes, I don't really know why I can't be in the same side with you guys.

Écrit par : Felicy | 29/08/2015

Wow, I see that we have here a whole discussion about the meaning of this particular picture. I can't say that I am impressed with any comment below. All I can say is that I see here a perfectly normal picture, with nothing more or less than that.

Écrit par : Peter | 30/08/2015

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